Nicholas Andrew Barber is a singer songwriter and physician originally from the midwest. He and his family live in the hills of Dundee, Oregon. 

A lifelong passion for songwriting, his style is reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and many other American songwriters. Nicholas' life as a father, husband, and physician has uniquely influenced and guided him to make music that captures the essence of life and experience.  Rich in melody and rhythm, his music seeks to refresh the soul. 

Greatly influence by the Bible and the tradition of the church, his original songs and arrangements reach for the transcendent. His melodies and rhythm seek to capture the essence of folk, indie, and soul. His works include original songs as well as arrangements used in liturgy. 

Together with friend and producer Philip Zach, Nicholas is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest project: Stations. Stations is a collection of songs inspired by the Stations of the Cross. It will release in February 2020. Please follow the Stations link above for more information about this very exciting project.